". VdoTips: Comprehension Practice Set 2



Comprehension Practice Set 2

Read the passage given below , and answer the question based on your understanding of the passage. To meet the challenge of change, much thought is currently being given to information studies, curricula and the requirement of a more broad-based education for the information scientist of the present. A developing country like India cannot afford to neglect these aspects of manpower training which is crucial to the success of development efforts. In the context of proliferation of literature, the information professional can hardly keep track of the information requirements of his clientele, unless he is well versed in modern information handling methods. Manpower for our libraries and information centres is presently drawn from library schools run by the universities and two specialised information science programmes offered by the DRTC and NISCAIR. Certain studies have revealed that “professionals trained by special institutes are far better in the information fields than their colleagues, the products of the University Departments.” It is pertinent at this point to design and formulate curricula in respect of the various levels of training to be imparted. Any consideration of the system of training to be meted out has to be at par with the present set up, function and purpose of the existing information centres. 46. Now a days much thought is given for :
(A) Curriculum requirements
(B) Broad based education
(C) Information scientists
(D) All the above

47. India cannot afford to neglect the aspects of manpower training because :
(A) of proliferation of library schools
(B) of in-sufficient provision of library schools
(C) they are crucial to the success of development
(D) they are not crucial for the success of development

48. Specialized information science education institutes produce better professionals as:
(A) library schools fail to produce good professionals
(B) library schools are unable to meet the demands of the society
(C) they have better curricula and infrastructure
(D) they do not have good curricula

49. LIS education is now pertinent to :
(A) design curricula
(B) follow existing curricula
(C) have status quo in curricula
(D) reduce the curricula

50. Training for librarianship must be at par :
(A) with the old set up
(B) with the future set up
(C) with the present set up
(D) with the previous set up