". VdoTips: Comprehension Practice Set 21



Comprehension Practice Set 21

Directions—(Q. 1–10) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions. Once upon a time, there lived a cruel Lion by the name of Bhasuraka, in a dense forest. He was very powerful, ferocious and arrogant. He used to kill the other animals in the forest to gratify his hunger. His behaviour caused the other animals in the forest to worry. They were worried that after sometime none of them would be left alive. They discussed their problem amongst themselves and decided to hold a meeting with the Lion. One day, as per the plan, all the animals of the forest gathered under a big tree. They invited the Lion, the king of the forest to attend the meeting. In the meeting, the representative of the animals said, “Your Majesty, we are grateful, that you are our king. We are all the more happy that you are attending this meeting”. The Lion thanked them and replied, “What is the matter ? Why have we gathered here ?” One of the animals stood up and said, “Sir, its natural that you have to kill us for food. But, killing more than what is required is not a good approach. If you go on killing the animals without any purpose, very soon a day will come, when there will be no animal left in the forest.” The Lion roared, “So what are you proposing ?” One of the animals replied, “Your Majesty, we have already discussed the problem among ourselves and have come up with a solution. We have decided to send one animal daily to your den. You can kill and eat it, the way you like. This will also save you the trouble of hunting.” The Lion replied, “Fine. I agree to this proposal, but make sure that the animal reaches me on time, otherwise, I will kill all the animals of the forest.” The animals agreed. From that day onwards, an animal was sent to the Lion daily to become his meal. The Lion was very happy to have his food right before him without taking any pains of hunting. A day came when it was the turn of the rabbit to go to the Lion’s den. The rabbit was old and wise. He was unwilling to go, but the other animals forced him to go. The rabbit thought of a plan that would save his life and the lives of the other animals in the forest. He took his own sweet time to go to the Lion and reached the Lion’s den a little later than the usual time. The Lion was getting impatient and he was extremely furious when he saw a small rabbit for his meal. He swore to kill all the animals. The rabbit with folded hands hesitatingly explained, “Your Majesty. I am not to be blamed for my delay. Actually, six rabbits were sent to make your meal, but five of them were killed and devoured by another Lion.’’ He also claimed to be the king of the forest. I have somehow escaped to reach here safely. The Lion howled in great anger and said, “Impossible, there cannot be another king of this forest. I’ll kill him. Take me to the place where you saw him.” The intelligent rabbit agreed and took the Lion towards a deep well, filled with water. When they reached the well, the rabbit said, “This is the place where he lives. He might be hiding inside.” The Lion looked into the well and saw his own reflection. He thought it was the other Lion. The Lion was furious and started growling. Naturally the image in the water, the other Lion, was also equally angry. In order to kill the other Lion, he jumped into the well and drowned. Thus, the jubilant rabbit saved all the animals from the Lion and they all lived cheerfully thereafter. 1. Why was the Lion called for a meeting ?
(A).The animals in the forest wanted to discuss their problem about the other lion who lived in the well with him
(B).The animals in the forest were not satisfied with him
(C).The animals wanted to propose a solution to their problem
(D).The animals wanted to nominate another king

2. Where did the animals schedule to have the meeting ?
(A).In the Lion’s den
(B).At the outskirts of the forest
(C).In the forest under a big tree
(D).Beside the well

3. The animals had a problem with their King because—
(A).He was killing more animals than was required.
(B).He was a very selfish king.
(C).He chose to eat one animal a day as his meal.
(A).Only (a)
(B).Only (b)
(C).Only (c)
(A).and (b)

4. What did the animals decide at the meeting ?
(A).That the Lion kill them together once and for all
(B).That the Lion be transferred to another forest
(C).That it was time for the Lion to retire
(D).To send one animal daily to the Lion’s den as his meal

5. On what condition did the Lion agree to the proposal ?
(A).That he would not have to hunt ever again
(B).That he be given only the best
(C).That the animal for his meal reaches him on time
(D).That he would have a lasting supply of food

6. Why was the rabbit unwilling to go to the Lion ?
(A).He didn’t want to be killed
(B).He was scared of the Lion
(C).He felt intimidated by the Lion
(D).He was too old to walk

7. Why did the Lion, the King of the forest jump into the well ?
(A).He liked to swim
(B).He was thirsty
(C).He saw his reflection
(D).He wanted to kill the other Lion

8. The rabbit took his own sweet time to reach the Lion as—
(A).He got lost on the way.
(B).He wanted to make the Lion angry.
(C).He met five of his friends on the way.
(A).Only (a)
(B).Only (b)
(C).Only (c)
(A).and (c)

9. What did the Lion see when he looked into the well ?
(A).The other animals
(B).The rabbit’s reflection
(C).The five other rabbits
(D).A well half filled with water

10. What could be an appropriate title for the story ?
(A).The Foolish Lion and the Wise Rabbit
(B).The Foolish Animals
(C).The Lion’s Reflection
(D).The Empty Well