". VdoTips: Comprehension Practice Set 6



Comprehension Practice Set 6

Directions (Q. No. 1 to 5): Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow based on your understanding of the passage. Globalization as it is taking place today is increasing the divide between then rich and the poor. It has to be steered so that it serves not only commercial interests but also the social needs of development. Global business thrives on, and therefore encourages and imposes, high levels of homogeneity in consumer preferences. On the other hand, for development to be locally appropriate and sustainable, it must be guided by local considerations which lie in cultural diversity and traditions. Therefore recognition at the policy level, of the significance of diversity, and the need to preserve it, is an important precondition for sustainable development. In an increasingly globalizing economy, developing countries, for want of the appropriate skills, are often at a disadvantage in negotiating and operating multilateral trade agreements. Regional cooperation for capacity building is therefore necessary to ensure their effective participation in all stages of multilateral trade. Globalization is driven by a vast, globally spread, human resource engine involving millions of livelihoods. Their security is sometimes threatened by local events causing global distortions (e.g. the impact of the WTC attack on jobs in India or, in a wider context, sanctions against countries not conforming to ‘international’ prescriptions in human rights or environment related matters). Mechanisms to safeguard trade and livelihoods, especially in developing countries, must be evolved and negotiated to make globalization an effective vehicle of sustainable development. War and armed conflict are a major threat to sustainable development. It is imperative to evolve effective mechanisms for mediation in such situations and to resolve contentious issues without compromising the larger developmental goals of the conflicting parties. 1. Globalization is driven largely by
(A) Liberalization
(B) Privatization
(C) Human Resource
(D) Modernization

2. Developing countries in the globalizing context are lagging behind due to lack of
(A) Financial Capital
(B) Physical Capital
(C) Human Capital
(D) Technological Capital

3. Sustainable development in the context of globalization is possible by
(A) Following international sanctions on human rights and environment.
(B) Safeguarding mechanisms of trade and livelihood.
(C) Following WTC
(D) By armed conflicts with developed nations.www.netugc.com

4. The divide between the rich and the poor under the present globalization is due to
(A) Less emphasis on commercial interests and more emphasis on social needs of development.
(B) More emphasis on commercial interests and less emphasis on social needs of development.
(C) Both commercial interests and the social needs of development are not properly taken care off.
(D) Both commercial interests and the social needs of developmentare properly taken care off.

5. Sustainable development is possible when it is guided by I. International demand II. Local considerations III. Preservation of cultural diversity IV. Commercial interests of MNCs. Codes:
(A) I and II
(B) II and III
(C) I and IV
(D) I, II, III, IV