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486. The thickness of fish plate generally used in Indian Railway is: (a) 16 mm (b) 10 mm (c) 25 mm (d) 20 mm
487. Thermal efficiency of a diesel engine may be expected to be in the range of: (a) 50-65% (b) 25-35% (c) 15-20% (d) 10-15%
488. Wear on top or head of rail occurs due to: (a) Abrasion of rolling wheels (b) Heavy axle load (c) Constant brake application (d) Any or all of the above
489. Any movement of the locomotive in different planes, e.g., vertical, longitudinal, transversal etc., is known as: (a) Oscillating motion (b) Lurching motion (c) Shutting motion (d) Vibration
490. In rainy season the dust in the ballast becomes mud and comes up by suction from below the rail joint. Such joint is called: (a) Wet joint (b) Water joint (c) Pumping joint (d) Blowing joint