". VdoTips: Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 54



Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 54

266. Modulation is the process of ________
(A)sending a file from one computer to another computer.
(B)converts digital signals to analog signals.
(C)converting analog signals to digital signals.
(D)echoing every character that is received.

267. The signal to noise ratio for a voice grade line 30.1 dB (decibles) or a power ratio of 1023:1. The maximum achievable data rate on this line whose spectrum ranges from 300 Hz to 4300 Hz is ________
(A)6200 bps.
(B)34000 bps.
(C)9600 bps.
(D)31000 bps.

268. Which of the following is used for modulation and demodulation?

269. A software that allows a personal computer to pretend it as a terminal is _______
(A)auto dialing.
(B)bulletin board.
(D)terminal emulation.

270. The probability that a single bit will be in error on a typical public telephone line using 4800 bps modem is 10 to the power -3. If no error detection mechanism is used, the residual error rate for a communication line using 9- bit frames is approximately equal to __________