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Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 53

261. Connectivity is a concept related to
(A)transmitting information, either by computer or by phone
(B) the interconnections within a computer
(C)using computer networks to link people and resources
(D) being in an active session with your computer

262. One of the most dramatic changes in connectivity and communications in the past five years has been _______ _.
(A)mobile or wireless telephones
(B) public and private discussion
(C)satellite uplinks
(D) running programs on remote computers

263. The four basic elements of any communication system include
(A)peer-to-peer, videoconferencing, online photo-conferencing, net optical
(B) sending and receiving devices, communication channel, connection device, and data transmission specifications
(C)telephone lines, coaxial cables, fiber-optics cables, and communication channel
(D) software, hardware, communication channel, network

264. An older type of data communications channel, using multiple copper wires, is called ________ technology.
(B) fiber-optic cable
(C)coaxial cable
(D) twisted pair

265. A communications channel that is made up of a single copper core with a ground sheath around it is called a ________.
(A)twisted pair channels
(B) microwave
(C)coaxial cable
(D) fiber-optic cable