". VdoTips: Science Multiple Choice Questions

Science Multiple Choice Questions

11. Sky looks blue because the sun light is subjected to __________.
(A).Rayleigh scattering
(B).Compton scattering
12. Luminescence is because of
(A).Photons emitted while excited electrons drops down
(B).Knocking out of electrons by photons
(C).Photons stimulated by photons
13. Fluorescence occurs within _______.
(A).10-5 s.
(B).10-5 ms.
(C).10-5 µs.
14. Electro-luminescence occurs in _________.
(A).Electrical conductors
(B).Electrical insulators
(C).p-n junctions
15. Pyrometer works based on
(A).Laser technology
(C).Thermal emission
(C).Tyndall effect