". VdoTips: Sentence Correction



Sentence Correction

6.His father won't be able to leave for Varanasi until they have arrived.
(A). until they arrive (6) until they will arrive
(C). until they will have arrived
(D). No improvement

7.People are tiring very soon in an activity which they dont like.
(A). tried
(B). trying
(C). tired
(D). tyring

8.They felt humiliated because they realised that they had cheated.
(A). had been cheating (6) had been cheated
(C). have been cheated
(D). were to be cheated (e) No correction required

9.Is there any place for me to sit?
(A). space
(B). room
(C). area
(D). No improvement

10.The summer has set out, and the days are getting warm.
(A). set up
(B). set in
(C). set off
(D). No improvement