". VdoTips: Computer Practice Set for Data Entry Operator 1



Computer Practice Set for Data Entry Operator 1

1. The banks use ................ device to minimize conversion process.
(A). Keyboard
(C). OCR
(D). Scanner

2. .................. can't be used for source of data automation.
(A). POS terminal
(B). OCR
(C). Keyboard
(D). UPC

3. Under which case will intranet be an effective networking tool?
(A). In a distributed decision-making environment
(B). Where heterogeneous applications are involved
(C). In a centralised organization
(D). In a decentralised organization

4. When an organization gives contract for development of software, it has to give data to the service provider. In Such cases, the ownership of data should be_________
(A). Transferred to the service provider
(B). With the client/organization that outsource services
(C). Shared by both parties
(D). Not transferred

5. A modem performs_________
(A). Modulation
(B). Demodulation
(C). Data compression
(D). All of these