". VdoTips: Sentence Correction



Sentence Correction

1. He has said so out of affection, do not take it to heart.
(A). in heart
(B). it in the heart
(C). by the heart
(D). No improvement

2. I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked me.
(A). would have gladly accompanied
(B). was to have gladly accompanied
(C). will gladly accompany
(D). No improvement

3.What are needed are not large houses but small cottages.
(A). were
(C). is
(D). No improvement

4.Sumit would have been looked smart in traditional clothes.
(A). was looked
(B). would be looked
(C). had looking
(D). No correction required

5.The main point of his speech was well understood.
(A). that he spoke
(B).in the speech of his
(C). made when he spoke
(D). made by his speech