". VdoTips: Computer Practice Set for Data Entry Operator 4



Computer Practice Set for Data Entry Operator 4

16. Most dangerous risk in leaking of information is :
(A). Ready access to online terminals
(B). Online processing of data
(C). Ignorance about the existence of risk
(D). All of these

17. A camera is an
(A). Input device
(B). Can be either input or output
(C). Processing machine
(B). Output device

18. Using anti-virus software is
(A). Preventive measure
(B). Detective measure
(C). Corrective measure
(D). All the above

19. An online transaction is
(A). One that is done in real time
(B). Transaction done via internet
(C). One that is done via telephone
(D). None of these

20. A clerk in a bank has to access data n customer account. Logical access control for these users would be.
(A). Use of individual passwords
(B). Use of an Accounts Receivable Section password
(C). Use of individual passwords plus separate access passwords for customer data and product data
(D). Can't say