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136. The use of break statement in a switch statement _________.
(A). optional.
(B). compulsory.
(C). not allowe
(D). It gives an error message.
(D). to check an error.

137. To expose a data member to the program, you must declare the data member in the _______ section of the class.
(A). common.
(B). exposed.
(C). public.
(D). unrestricted.

138. Which of the following are valid characters for a numeric literal constant?
(A). a comma.
(B). a dollar sign($).
(C). a space.
(D). none of the above.

139. A function that returns no values to the program that calls it is _________.
(A). not allowed in C++.
(B). type void.
(C). type empty.
(D). type barren.

140. Header files often have the file extension of _______.
(A). .h.
(B). .he.
(C). . ht
(D). head.