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131. Which of the following cannot be passed to a function?
(A). Reference variable.
(B). Arrays.
(C). Class objects.
(D). Header files.

132. Which of the following are legal declarations of a reference?
(A). int &a=10;.
(B). int &a=m;.
(C). int &a=m++;.
(D). int &a=&15;.

133. What does STL stand for?
(A). Simple Template Library.
(B). Standard Template Library.
(C). Static Type Library.
(D). Single Type-based Library.

134. An exception is caused by ________.
(A). a hardware problem.
(B). a problem in the operating system.
(C). a syntax error.
(D). a run-time error.

135. An exception may be thrown from _________.
(A). a throw statement in a catch block.
(B). a try block in a function.
(C). a function called in a try block.
(D). a return statement in a function.