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126. Which of the following is not a file operation?
(A). Repositioning.
(B). Truncating.
(C). Readable.
(D). Appending.

127. Prime area in context of file system is defined as _______.
(A). a memory area created by operating system.
(B). an area into which data records are written.
(C). the main area of a web page.
(D). primary memory.

128. ____ is the standard input/output library in C++.
(A). stdio.
(B). iostream.
(C). conio.
(D). std.

129. ____ operator links a class to a member.
(A). : :
(B). -->
(C). *
(D). ^

130. When the break statement is encountered inside a loop, which one of the following occurs?
(A). Control goes to the end of the program.
(B). Control leaves the function that contains the loop.
(C). Causes an exit from the innermost loop containing it.
(D). Causes an exit from all the nested loop.