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121. Which of the following concept is not supported by C++?
(A). Exception Handling.
(B). Reflection.
(C). Operator Overloading.
(D). Namespaces.

122. Which of the following operator cannot be overloaded?
(A). = (assignment operator).
(B). = = (equality operator).
(C). -> (arrow operator).
(D). :: (scope resolution operator).

123. >> is called as __________ operator.
(A). insertion.
(B). extraction.
(C). greater than.
(D). lesser than.

124. The eof( ) is the function used for_____.
(A). asserting no errors in a file.
(B). appending data to a file.
(C). counting the amount of data in a file.
(D). checking for end of file.

125. Which of the following is not an advantage of secondary memory?
(A). It is cost-effective.
(B). It has large storage capacity.
(C). It has highest speed.
(D). It is easily portable