". VdoTips: Sentence Correction



Sentence Correction

11.She could not help but laugh.
(A). laughing
(B). but laughing
(C). laugh
(D). No improvement

12.I am sorry, but I dont believe what you say.
(A). I will not believe
(B). I am not believing
(C). I will not be believing
(D). No improvement

13.Lets buy a new sari with the annual bonus, can we?
(A). cant we
(B). dont we
(C). shall we
(D). No improvement

14.Since 1986, there is no earthquakes here.
(A). have been
(B). are
(C). were being
(D). No improvement

15.It is time the six year old is learning how to read and write.
(A). has learned
(B). learnt
(C). was learning
(D). No improvement