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Science Practice Set

11. Toughness of a material is equal to area under ____________ part of the stress-strain curve.

12. True stress-strain curve need to be corrected after
(A).Elastic limit
(B).Yield limit
(C).Tensile strength
(D).no need to correct

13. Following condition represents onset of necking
(A).εu = n
(B).εu = 1-n
(C).εu = 1+n
(D).εu = ln (1+n)

14. As compared with conventional stress-strain curve, the true stress-strain curve is
(A).Above and right
(B).Below and right
(C).Above and left
(D).Below and left

15. According to distortion-energy criterion, yielding occurs when
(A).Distortion energy reaches a critical value
(B).Second invariant of the stress deviator exceeded some critical value
(C).Octahedral shear stress reaches a critical value