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116. When a data type must contain decimal numbers, _______ type is assigned.
(A). int.
(B). char.
(C). double.
(D). long int.

117. To raise any number to a power, _______ is used.
(A). the exponent symbol ^.
(B). the built-in library function pow(x,y).
(C). the built-in library function pow10(x).
(D). concatenation.

118. The conditional compilation __________.
(A). is taken care of by the compiler.
(B). is setting the compiler option conditionally.
(C). is compiling a program based on a condition.
(D). none of the above.

119. Which of the following languages is a subset of C++ language?
(A). C language.
(B). Java Language.
(C). C# language.
(D). B language.

120. Which of the following keyword supports dynamic method resolution?
(A). Abstract.
(B). Virtual.
(C). Dynamic.
(D). Typeid.