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31. On which river is the Nagarjunasagar project located?
(A). Krishna
(B). Godavari
(C). Kaveri
(D). Tapti

32. What is Operation Flood concerned with?
(A). Flood Control
(B). The provision of irrigation facilities
(C). The creation of buffer stocks of food grains
(D). Improving the availability of milk in the cities

33. In which area is the deodar tree commonly found?
(A). Tropical evergreen forests
(B). Tropical deciduous forests
(C). Thron forests
(D). Alpine forests

34. KP Canal joins
(A). Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
(B). Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
(C). Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(D). Andhra Pradesh and Orissa

35. The Niger River falls in
(A). Arctic Ocean
(B). Bay of Mexico
(C). Gulf of Guinea
(D). Pacific Ocean