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26. The SWADESHI movement in India was started during -
(A). Champaran Satyagraha of Gandhi
(B). Movement against partition of Bengal
(C). Movement against Rowlat Act
(D). First non - cooperation movement in 1919 - 22

27. Fill in the blank with appropriate adjective. Do you have ............ tea in the pot?
(A). any
(B). some
(C). few
(D). none

28. What are potato ores?
(A). Nodules on the sea bed containing a variety of minerals
(B). Seed potato grown in Himachal Pradesh
(C). Iron ore having a large concentration of Sulphur
(D). Ores of nuclear minerals

29. What is Obra known for?
(A). A new refinery
(B). Thermal power station
(C). An upcoming aluminium plant
(D). Bird sanctuary

30. Where are diesel locomotives manufactured?
(A). Chittaranjan
(B). Varansi
(C). Bhopal
(D). Jamshedpur