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61. The Central Banks of five developed countries recently came together and decided to provide unlimited dollar loans to banks in their areas. What was the purpose of the same?
(A). To prevent China from becoming a bigger lender than the world Bank
(B). Ease growing tensions in the Euro zone's financial sector
(C). To reinstate USA's credit rating at AAA level from the downgraded AA+ level
(D). To create an emergency pool of dollars to provide instants help to any country in case of need

None of these 62. Which of the following is a payment and settlement system used by the banks in India?
(A). Liquidity Adjustment Facility
(B). Real Time Gross Settlement
(C). Forward Rate Agreements
(D). Central Depository Service

Negotiated Dealing System 63. 'Federal Reserve' is the Central Bank of which of the following countries?
(A). Russia
(B). Britain
(C). Canada
(D). Australia

USA 64. 'Special Drawing Rights' are the rights of countries provided by
(A). World Bank
(B). IMF
(C). ADB
(D). None of these

65. Indian citizens are allowed to invest overseas freely except in
(A). Sri Lanka
(B). UK
(C). Bangladesh
(D). Pakistan