". VdoTips: general Awareness practice Set



general Awareness practice Set

41. If two commodities are complements, then their cross-price elasticity is—
(A). Zero
(B). Positive
(C). Negative
(D). Imaginary number

42. Opportunity cost of production of a commodity is—
(A). The cost that the firm could have incurred when a different technique was adopted
(B). The cost that the firm could have incurred under a different method of production
(C). The actual cost incurred
(D). The next best alternative output sacrificed

43. Surplus earned by a factor other than land in the short period is referred to as—
(A). Economic rent
(B). Net rent
(C). Quasi-rent
(D). Super-normal rent

44. Who is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Commission ?
(A). Minister for Planning & Development
(B). Finance Minister
(C). Prime Minister
(D). Minister for Rural & Community Development

45. Which from the following is not true when the interest rate in the economy goes up ?
(A). Savings increases
(B). Lending decreases
(C). Cost of production increases
(D). Return on capital increases