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31. Which of the following is considered Non Tax Revenue of the Govt. of India as projected in the Union Budget?
(A). Income Tax
(B). Customs Duty
(C). Service Tax
(D). Corporate Tax

32. What does the letter 'M' denote in the abbreviated term 'MRTP', an act which was applicable in India till recently?
(A). Money
(B). Moral
(C). Minimum
(D). Monopolies

Market 33. Which of the following is a popular women's Empowerment Programme in India?
(B). Swabhiman
(C). Mid­Day Meal Scheme
(D). Bharat Nirman

34. We know that the Industrial Sector plays an important role in the development of India. Which sectror does not come under Industrial Sector?
(A). Mining
(B). Manufacturing
(C). Banking
(D). Utilities

35. Who among the following is one of the Deputy Governors of the RBI?
(A). U.K.Sinha
(B). Ranjan Mathai
(C). Dr. Subir Gokarn
(D). Dr. M.S. Ahluwalia