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21. As reported in newspapers, China has raised objection on India's presence in South China Sea alongwith Vietnam. Both the nations are engaged in which of the following activities in the sea?
(A). Fishing
(B). Exploring minerals
(C). Exploring oil fields
(D). Disposal of electronic waste

22. Which of the following is the purpose of introducing 'Know Your Customer' norms by the banks?
(A). To bring more and more people under the banking net
(B). Identifying people who do not pay Income Tax
(C). To ensure that the money deposited in banks has come from genuine sources
(D). To ensure whether the money deposited in the bank is of an Indian or a foreign national

23. Which of the following organisations is established mainly to promote Micro, Small & Medium industrial sector in India?
(C). IDBI Bank
(D). EXIM Bank

24. Which of the following is one of the indicators of Human Development Index (HDI)?
(A). Life expectancy at birth
(B). Total cost of the agricultural land with a family
(C). Total area of the agricultural land with a family
(D). Availability of perennial source of water for irrigation

25. Which of the following is one of the measures of economic growth of a country?
(A). Volume of Direct Investment made by foreign countries
(B). Number of companies listed on the Stock­Exchanges
(C). Gross domestic product of the Nation
(D). Number of foreign nationals working in a country