". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

71. The return after the pay off period is not considered in case of ----
(A) Pay back period method .
(B) Interest rate metho
(C) Present value metho
(D) Discounted cash flow method .
72. Depreciation is include in costs in case of ----
(A) Pay back metho
(B) Accounting rate.
(C) Discounted cash flow.
(D) Present value metho
73. The bonus issue is permitted to be made out of ----------- and premium collected in cash
(A) free reserves.
(B) free interest.
(C) free bonus.
(D) free cash dividen
74. The bonus issue is made to make the nominal value and the ---------------- value of the shares of the company
(A) Face
(B) Market
(C) Stock
(D) Real
75. Premium received in cash is a source of ------------------ issue
(A) Right
(B) Bonus
(C) Cash