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61. According to the ___ model, the dividend decision is irrelevant.
(A) MM
(B) Garden.
(C) Walter.
(D) XY.

62. The cash management refers to management of ___
(A) cash only.
(B) cash and bank balances.
(C) cash and near cash assets.
(D) fixed assets.

63. Miller- Orr Model is suitable in those circumstances when the_______
(A) demand for cash is steady.
(B) demand for cash is not steady.
(C) carry cost and transaction cost are to be kept at minimum.
(D) demand for cash is variable.

64. Offering cash discount to customers result is _______
(A) reducing the average collection perio
(B) increasing the average collection perio
(C) increasing sales.
(D) decreasing sales .

65. A higher accounts receivable turnover ratio means________
(A) lower debt collection perio
(B) higher debt collection perio
(C) lower sales.
(D) higher sales