". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

51. The gross working capital is a _____ concern concept
(A) Going
(B) money measurement
(C) revenue concept
(D) cost concept.

52. The rate of return on investment ____ with the shortage of working capital
(A) falls
(B) going
(C) constant
(D) change.

53. Greater the size of a business unit ____ will be the requirements of working capital
(A) larger
(B) lower.
(C) no change
(D) fixed

54. The fixed proportion of working capital should be generally financed from the ____ capital sources
(A) fixed
(B) variable
(C) semi-variable.
(D) borrowe

55. The volume of sales is influenced by ____ of a firm
(A) finance policy
(B) credit policy
(C) profit policy
(D) fund policy