". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

46. If the pay back is a bad rule, the average returns on book value is
(A) worse
(B) better
(C) the best
(D) equal.

47. Net present value is a popular method which falls
(A) With in non- discount cash flow method
(B) With in discount cash flow method
(C) EqualWith in non- discount cash flow method
(D) No discount cash flow

48. A demerit of IRR method is that it does not distinguish between
(A) lending & borrowing
(B) discounting & non- discounting
(C) cash flow & non- cash flow
(D) inflow & out flow

49. Net working capital is the excess of current asset over
(A) Current liability
(B) Net liability
(C) Total payable
(D) Total liability

50. Working capital is also known as_________ capital
(A) circulating
(B) fluctuating
(C) fixe
(D) going