". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

36. _______________management is the important task of the finance manager
(A) Debt
(B) Equity
(C) Cash
(D) Profit

37. Finance function is one of the most important functions of________ management
(A) business
(B) marketing
(C) financial.
(D) debt

38. Nominal rate is the rate compounded
(A) One time in 2 years
(B) Twice in 2 years
(C) More than once in an year
(D) More than two years

39. The expansion of EAR is
(A) equivalent annual rate
(B) equivalent annuity rate
(C) equally applied rate
(D) equal advance rate

40. Traditional theorists believe that
(A) there exists an optimal capital structure
(B) no optimal capital structure
(C) equal optimal capital structure
(D) 100% debt financial organizations