". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

121. Which of the following techniques of project appraisal does not consider the time value of money?
(A) Benefit cost ratio.
(B) Net present value.
(C) Internal rate of return.
(D) Annual capital charge.
122. ________ decision relates to the determination of total amount of assets to be held in the firm
(A) Financing
(B) Investment
(C) Dividend
(D) Controlling
123. Cost of capital is the ______ rate of return expected by the investor
(A) minimum
(B) maximum.
(C) average
(D) marginal
124. Effective cost of debentures is_________as compared to shares
(A) higher
(B) lower
(C) equal
(D) medium.
125. Insufficient working capital results in
(A) Block of cash
(B) Loosing interests
(C) Lack of production
(D) Lack of smooth flow of production