". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

11. The companies cost of capital is called _________
(A) Leverage rate
(B) Hurdle rate
(C) Risk rate
(D) Return rate

12. Market value of the cost of capital is decided by ________
(A) the respective companies
(B) the investment market
(C) the government
(D) share holders

13. Cost of retained earnings is equal to _______
(A) Cost of equity
(B) Cost of debt
(C) Cost of term loans
(D) Cost of bank loan

14. Beta measures the ___________
(A) Financial risk
(B) Investment risk rate
(C) Market risk
(D) Market and finance risk

15. The companies average cost of capital is ______
(A) the average cost of equity shares and debentures
(B) the average cost of equity preference shares
(C) the average cost of all sources of long term funds
(D) the average cost of short term funds