". VdoTips: Financial Management Practice Set



Financial Management Practice Set

1. FinancialManagement is mainly concerned with ______________
(A) arrangement of funds
(B) all aspects of acquiring and utilizing financial resources for firms activities
(C) efficient Management of every business.
(D) profit maximization
2. In his traditional role the finance manager is responsible for ______
(A) arrange of utilization of funds
(B) arrangement of financial resources
(C) acquiring capital assets of the organization
(D) Efficient management of capital
3. The primary goal of the financial management is _____________
(A) to maximize the return
(B) to minimize the risk
(C) to maximize the wealth of owners
(D) to maximize profit
4. Capital budgeting is related to ______
(A) long terms assets
(B) short term assets
(C) long terms and short terms assets
(D) fixed assets
5. Working capital management is managing ____________
(A) long term assets
(B) short term assets and liabilities
(C) long terms liabilities
(D) only short term assets