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36. The two main resources that we consider for an algorithm are__________.
(A).Memory space and processor time
(B).Space complexity and time complexity
(C).Input and output properties
(D).None of the above

37. Space complexity of an algorithm is the maximum amount of _______ required by it during execution.
(C).Memory space
(D).None of the above

38. Frequently, the memory space required by an algorithm is a multiple of the size of input. State if the statement is True or False or Maybe.
(D).None of the above

39. In which algorithm, the number of times comparison to be done is also affected by the location of the value to be searched in the list?
(B).Space efficient
(D).None of the above

40. For many problems such as sorting, there are many choices of algorithms to use, some of which are extremely___________.
(A).Space efficient
(B).Time efficient
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).None of the above