". VdoTips: General Awareness practice Set



General Awareness practice Set

26. Green gland is the excretory organ of–
(A) Earthworm
(B) Cockroach
(C) Prawn
(D) House-fly

27. When pressure is increased, the boiling point of water–
(A) decreases
(B) increases
(C) remains the same
(D) depends on the volume of vapour formed

28. In the treatment of skin disease the radio isotope used is–
(A) Radio phosphorous
(B) Radio iodine
(C) Radio lead
(D) Radio cobalt

29. Rainbow has: (Choose incorrect statement)–
(A) red light as its outer-most colour towards sky
(B) red light as its inner-most colour towards earth
(C) violet light as its inner-most colour towards earth
(D) its curvature bent towards earth

30. A cyclist in circular motion should lean–
(A) Forward
(B) Backward
(C) Sideways towards the centre
(D) Sideway away from the centre