". VdoTips: General Awareness Practice Set



General Awareness Practice Set

26. Japan has recently amended its pacifist constitution giving more powers to military. As a reason for amending the constitution, Japan has cited its dispute over Diaoyu Islands with–
(A) China
(B) Vietnam
(C) Singapore
(D) Philippines (E) New Zealand

27. Legendary Stock Investor Warren Buffett calls the futures and options segment of the investment market is a weapons of–
(A) Mass Financial Inclusion
(B) Mass Financial Destruction
(C) None of these
(D) Mass Financial Investment (E) Mass Financial Involvement

28. Latest Institution in providing Institutional Financial Assistance to Women Entrepreneurs is–
(A) Rural Women Self Help Group
(B) National Credit Fund for Women
(C) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
(D) All those given as options (E) Mahila Sarnridhi Kosh

29. The national capital of the Sweden is–
(A) Belfast
(B) Rome
(C) Berne
(D) Stockholm (E) Kingstown

30. Major internet companies are now encrypting all e-mails. For this they usually rely on a form of encryption known as the TLS. The abbreviation TLS stands for–
(A) Transit Layer Security
(B) Through Layer Security
(C) Transparent Layer Security
(D) Transport Layer Security (E) Temporary Layer Security