". VdoTips: General Awareness practice Set



General Awareness practice Set

1. The present monetary system in India is managed by–
(A) Nationalised Banks
(B) The State Bank of India
(C) The Central Finance Ministry
(D) The Reserve Bank of India

2. What is a Multinational Company?
(A) A joint venture among more than two countries
(B) A company set up with foreign capital
(C) A company having operations in many countries.
(D) A company holding a monopoly over the sale of a certain commodity in several countries.

3. Explicit + Implicit Costs =
(A) Private Costs
(B) Accounting Costs
(C) Economic Costs
(D) Social Costs

4. Which of the following is not relevant to Human Resource Development ?
(A) Education
(B) Women and Child Development
(C) Caste System
(D) Youth Affairs and Sports

5. A Trade Cycle consists of–
(A) Three Phases
(B) Four Phases
(C) Five Phases
(D) Six Phases