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176. In which field, a sorting algorithm refers to an algorithm the function of which is to put elements of a list in a certain order?
(A).Computer science
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).Data structures

177. Which of the following statements is correct? (i) Sorting is also often used to produce human-readable output. (ii) The output should not be a permutation or reordering of the input.
(A).(ii) only
(B).(i) only
(C).Both are correct
(D).None is correct

178. Since the beginning of computing, the sorting problem has greatly attracted the attention of_______________.
(D).None of the above

179. The analysis of bubble sort was done as early as_____________.

180. ____________ is a method of arranging keys in a file in the ascending or descending order.
(A).Lexicographical orders
(B).Library sort