". VdoTips: General Awareness Practice Set



General Awareness Practice Set

16. Recently, India has signed a first APA agreement with Japanese company. What does APA Stands for?
(A) Advance Pricing Agreement
(B) Advance Perform Agreement
(C) Advance Purchase Agreement
(D) Advance Procure Agreement

17. The company ‘Associated Journals Limited' (AJL) is the publisher of now-defunct daily newspaper–
(A) Young India
(B) The Independent
(C) Amrit Bazaar Patrika

18. One rupee note bears the signature of–
(A) President of India
(B) Vice President of India
(C) Finance Secretary
(D) Finance Minister (E) Commerce Minister

C 19. As per census 2011, the total urban population of India is 377.1 million. The state having the highest urban population of 50.8 million (13.5% of country's urban population) is–
(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Maharashtra

D 20. A cheque bearing the date earlier than the date of submission to the bank is known as–
(A) Bearer Cheque
(B) State Cheque
(C) Crossed Cheque
(D) Anti Dated Cheque