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166. In which tree, the right NULL pointer of each node (not having a right child node) points to its in-order successor?
(A).Right-threaded binary tree
(B).Left-threaded binary tree
(C).Full-threaded binary tree
(D).All of the above

167. A binary search tree, also known as_________.
(A).Binary tree
(B).Binary sorted tree
(C).Sibling node
(D).Heap trees

168. Which code for an alphabet (set of symbols) is generated by constructing a binary tree with nodes containing the symbols to be encoded and their probabilities of occurrence?
(B).Hughman code
(C).Huffman code
(D).Canonical Huffman codes

169. Trees are often used in implementing _________ and hence it is considered as prime application of trees.
(D).None of the above

170. The process of inserting a node in a binary search tree can be divided into how many steps?
(D).None of the above