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161. In pre-order traversal, the root node is visited before traversing its________subtrees.
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).None of the above

162. In which traversal, the root node is visited after the traversal of its left subtree and before the traversal of its right subtree?
(A).Pre-order traversal
(B).In-order traversal
(C).Post-order traversal
(D).Level-order traversal

163. Elements in a nonlinear data structure do not form a sequence for example_________.
(B).Hash tree
(C).Binary tree
(D).All of the above

164. One way is to have the linear relationship between the elements by means of sequential memory locations and such linear structures are called ______.
(A).Linked list
(D).All are the same

165. What is one of the most common operations that is performed on trees?
(A).Traversal of nodes
(D).None of the above