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156. Like _________- binary trees can also be represented in two ways in the memory—array (sequential) representation and linked representation.
(D).Both (a) and (b)

157. In the array representation, what is represented sequentially in memory using a single onedimensional array?
(A).Binary tree
(D).None of the above

158. The linked representation of a binary tree is implemented by using a linked list having an_________.
(A).info part
(B).Two pointers- left and right
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).One pointer

159. Traversing a binary tree refers to the process of visiting each and every node of the tree exactly how many times?

160. In how many different ways can a tree be traversed?
(A).Two ways
(B).Three ways
(C).One way
(D).It cannot be traversed