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151. Which line connects any two nodes?
(D).None of the above

152. The degree of a node is equal to the number of its__________.
(A).Child nodes
(B).Parent nodes
(C).Sibling nodes
(D).Tree nodes

153. The nodes belonging to the same parent node are known as_________.
(A).Parent nodes
(B).Sibling nodes
(C).Tree nodes
(D).None of the above

154. A binary tree is said to be a complete binary tree if all the leaf nodes of the tree are at ________.
(A).Same level
(B).Opposite level
(C).Different level
(D).Adjacent level

155. A binary tree is said to be an extended binary tree (also known as 2-tree) if all of its nodes are of _______.
(A).Zero degree
(B).Two degrees
(C).Both (a) and b)
(D).None of the above