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146. A binary tree is a special type of tree, which can either be empty or have a finite set of nodes, such that, one of the nodes is designated as the root node and the remaining nodes are partitioned into sub trees of the root nodes known as__________.
(A).Left sub tree
(B).Right sub tree
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).Heap tree

147. Unlike a general tree, each node in a binary tree is restricted to have at the most __________child nodes only.

148. A binary tree is a ________data structure; each node belongs to a particular level number.
(A).Dual level
(C).Tri level
(D).Single level

149. The nodes belonging to the same parent node are known as_______.
(A).Sibling nodes
(B).Parent nodes
(C).Child nodes
(D).None of the above

150. The depth of a binary tree is the highest level number of any ______ in the binary tree.
(A).Leaf node
(B).Parent node
(C).Sibling node
(D).None of the above