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141. A __________is a non-linear data structure representing the hierarchical structure of one or more elements known as nodes.
(B).Child nodes
(C).Leaf nodes
(D).None of the above

142. Each node of a tree stores a data value and has zero or more pointers pointing to the other nodes of the tree, which are also known as its__________.
(A).Child nodes
(B).Leaf nodes
(D).None of the above

143. The node at the top of a tree is known as the ________of the tree:
(B).Leaf nodes
(C).Child nodes

144. Internal nodes have___________.
(A).Child nodes
(B).Parent nodes
(C).Both (a) and (b)
(D).None of the above

145. Which concept is useful while writing programming code for implementing various operations on trees?
(B).Huffman’s algorithm
(C).Internal nodes
(D).None of the above