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136. _________a list means accessing its elements one by one to process all or some of the elements.
(D).None of the above

137. Searching a value (say, item) in a linked list means finding the position of the node, which stores ___________ as its value?
(D).None of the above

138. A situation where the user tries to delete a node from an empty linked list is termed as___________.
(D).None of the above

139. To delete a node from the end of a linked list, the list is traversed up to the last ______.
(D).None of the above

140. Since a doubly-linked list allows traversing in both the forward and backward directions, it is also referred to as a___________.
(A).Multi-way list
(B).One-way list
(C).Two-way list
(D).None of the above UNIT 6