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131. A linked list contains a list pointer variable _____that stores the address of the first node of the list.
(D).Empty list

132. To maintain a linked list in memory, how many parallel arrays of equal size are used?

133. As memory is allocated dynamically to a linked list, a new node can be inserted anytime in the list. For this, the memory manager maintains a special linked list known as___________.
(A).Free pool
(B).Memory bank
(C).Free storage list
(D).All of the above

134. While creating a linked list or inserting an element into a linked list, whenever a request for the new node arrives, the memory manager searches through the ------------for the block of desired size
(A).Free pool
(B).Memory bank
(C).Free storage list
(D).None of the above

135. What does creating a node mean?
(A).Defining its structure
(B).Allocating memory to it
(D).All of the above