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121. In a computer system, when an __________ expression in an infix notation needs to be evaluated, it is first converted into its postfix notation?

122. A collection of data items of similar type arranged in a sequence is termed as?
(A).Memory space
(B).Static data structure
(C).Data structure

123. Once memory space is allocated to an array, it cannot be________.
(B).Expanded or contracted
(D).None of the above

124. If the number of elements to be stored in an ______increases or decreases significantly at runtime, it may require more memory space or result in wastage of memory, both of which are unacceptable.
(A).Data structure

125. A dynamic data structure is one in which the memory for elements is allocated dynamically at runtime. Is this statement True or False?
(C).May be
(D).Partially true and partially false