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11. DSA means–
(A) District Sales Authority
(B) Direct Selling Agent
(C) Distributor and Sales Agents
(D) Distributor and State Agent

12. A DSA’s main function is–
(A) to boost customer contacts
(B) to boost emails
(C) to boost telemarketing
(D) All of these

13. An arrangement in which a supplier grants a dealer the right to sell products in exchange for some type of consideration is–
(A) Licensing
(B) Retailing
(C) Franchising
(D) Wholesaling

14. Which distribution channel is represented by Producer/manufacturer > agent > wholesaler > retailer > consumer?
(A) Direct Selling
(B) Indirect Selling
(C) Dual Distribution
(D) Reverse Channel

15. Business format franchising is an example of–
(A) Dual Distribution
(B) Reverse Channel
(C) Direct Selling
(D) Indirect Selling