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Political Science Practice set

91. Who among the following opines that ‘public service’ and not sovereignty is the essential characteristic of the State ?
(A) Otto Von Gierke
(B) Leon Duguit
(C) Ernest Barker
(D) A. D. Lindsay

92. “The State is the product and manifestation of the irreconcilability of class antagonism.” Who holds the above view ?
(A) Marx
(B) Lenin
(C) Bakunin
(D) Stalin

93. The word ‘Polis’ relates to—
(A) Police
(B) Civil Administration
(C) City State
(D) Public opinion

94. “Liberty is increased when sovereignty is put into the right hands.” Who has made this statement ?
(A) Friedman
(B) Hayek
(C) I. Berlin
(D) L. Strauss

95. Who among the following is, associated with ‘Civic-Sovereignty’ Theory ?
(A) John Devey
(B) John Strachy
(C) R. H. Tawney
(D) S. G. Hobson