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Political Science Practice set

81. A constitutional reason to make the centre strong in India is—
(A) Directive Principles of State Policy
(B) Centralised Planning
(C) Zonal Councils
(D) Union List

82. One common point of agreement between Indian and U.S. Federalism is that—
(A) Residuary powers belong to the Centre
(B) Residuary powers belong to the States
(C) There is provision for concurrent jurisdiction in certain matters
(D) The Supreme Court is the arbiter in the event of conflict between the Centre and the States

83. Which one of the following qualifications is common to Presidential candidates in both India and the U. S. A. ?
(A) Citizenship
(B) Minimum age
(C) Residential requirement
(D) Eligibility to become member of the popular house of the legislature

84. Proclamation of Emergency under Article 352 of the Constitution of India may be made by the President—
(A) According to his own judgement
(B) On the request of the Lok Sabha
(C) On the recommendation of the Prime Minister
(D) On the written advice of the Council of Ministers

85. The system of Judicial review is found in—
(A) Only in India
(B) Only in Britain
(C) Only in U.S.A.
(D) In both India and U.S.A.